14 November 2009

This Insulation...

Patching together from what was someone else's garbage...

I thought this bountiful load would be enough to do the whole house... though as I begin to install it, I realize I was wrong.

I find myself cursing this toxic product and it's itchy existence.

I don't know what to do exactly. Many of the space between studs here that seem to be insulated between with rigid foam ARE, BUT, they have only one layer of 1 5/8" and I had been planning on doubling up, and do plan (?) on this, so to have 3 1/4" creating an R-value of about 21. So many decisions. I will not purchase more to finish the house with. I would like to use a completely different kind of insulation. Now that I've begun with this, I wonder what my best option is for continuing. I also had been giving a heave hoe to get the house wrapped and roof on before the rain storm will supposedly hit Wednesday. This evening I had the notion that maybe that was causing more stress than necessary. I paid attention to the tension around my eyes and in my chest. Only two of these rigid stuffed cavities between the studs are glued in. Tomorrow I will continue cutting and re-assess how far off I am from what I need, re-assess if it's possible to get the insulation in and house wrapped in order to put the roof on before Wednesday. If that seems to stressful, I will continue cutting the insulation to fit, but then label it and remove it for dry-keeping in the garage until this storm passes.

THIS INSULATION ...might be the death of me. If not, I'll live to see an encapsulated house... particulates to the wind... what a crime!

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