23 February 2012

Darn Near my Favorite Place

This has got to be one of my favorite places. I love it.
Great place to be alone.
Great place to work on collaborative projects (with limited sized groups).
We'll see how it looks once I get all my junk in there...

20 February 2012

Ceiling Insulation

Decided to use fiberglass in the ceiling, a surprise. I just don't trust the denim up there. 
Got to get it done.

10 February 2012


I'm finishing up the interior walls and trim. I'm leaving the section between the windows open for shelf space. The windows face NE and NW, making ideal light for a studio. There will be a wrap-around desk in this section.

The final step is to put blocking in the roof, then insulation, then the ceiling. I am going to go with fiberglass insulation due to its performance with moisture. The denim-cotton wouldn't hold up. For the ceiling's center section I am looking online at decorative pressed tin that comes in 2' panels. I am looking for a lightweight wood to use on the sides going up to the center.

The farm cat exploring.

Parked next to the grain silo and the goats.