25 February 2010

"studio" WORKSPACE walls

Sometimes, you just get
of looking at it (the rigid foam)
& want to move in.

Thus, today, more-than-one-artist-recommended:
pinable, and re-pinable

Me standing destructive again? I haven't fully researched the thing. But it went in quite easily, making my move in date sooner than otherwise...

Photos maybe later tonight, now a moonlit walk with ma, who was my wonder-gopher today. Thanks mom.

Also, picked up the ridge cap. It's great.

* * *
Some photos from the day, at night:

24 February 2010

Flashing Drip Edges

Picked up a special order for the special ridge cap & drip edges that go along the opening side of the roof. Henry's Mechanical were real nice to deal with. I said thanks so much for their straight talking (because I have to deal with a lot of shit since some men look at me like I'm speaking a different language when I enter a hardware store).

The ridge cap was beautiful, but unfortunately, someone mistakenly made it in 24 rather than 20 gauge. They were gracious about it being their mistake and I will go pick up the 20 gauge cap tomorrow morning.

These two things are the only custom things I've purchased. Very clear they needed to be made, and I considered doing it myself, just buying the sheet metal and bending it. Seeing as how I don't have the right tools and they aren't falling into my lap, I feel good about doing some local business. That's not to say it's a clean right livelihood sort of feeling, this is me in the steel mining world. It's also me in a house that'll stay dry over time. So... here I stand: destructive.

When I got home tonight, though feeling a bit sick, I used the last bit of light to sink in the corrugation on the opening side of the roof, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. The flashing's all on and looks just how I'd imagined it.

Next up, I'll need to finish all the exterior siding, really finish, get the corner trim on, get the gutters and downspouts on, cut in place the roof on the opening side (it'll be very short so it doesn't interfere with the gutter)... but first priority is finishing the interior walls so I can move in already! DAmn.

Neighbor Eric came by and we had a nice talk, like usual. Neighbors are so important for a healthy life. Anyhow, I was talking about how I didn't feel like putting in nailers all over the place for the interior walls and how I thought just to tack in diagonally would do fine. He agreed and lent me his finish stapler, staples, and air compressor to use tomorrow. I can't wait to wake up and get tacking.

There is some joy in tax season.
But I'll be glad to have the day off to work on this house tomorrow.

18 February 2010

Buen dia

All day doing precision cutting for the interior wood walls in the loft. PHewph. Long day. Not sure I want to do this through the house, and am considering some kind of plaster still. Had a nice talk with a plasterer. Doesn't seem like plastering is such a good option...

Gracias a Armando para me ayudando con la electricidad hoy conmigo. Pronto habrá luz... en la noche. Y máquinas de coser...
Thanks to Armando for checking the electric lines with me today. Soon there'll be light... at night. And sewing machines...

This photo shows how I have begun setting in the thin wood in the spaces between the studs. Since I still need to put in a nailer, I have yet to attach the pieces, but at least now they're cut to fit. Once I get the nailers in that'll make the process much quicker.

Here you can see how I've set pieces to the left of each space. These propped up pieces will need special cuts to fit the exact space. More fun... ahead.

Again, none of these are installed yet. I still need to put nailers in. But this give an idea of what's done so far.

Overall, something like this:

16 February 2010


Planed down a heap of the bender board that I used for the exterior of the house. Even though I wore coveralls over my work clothes, that light green powder that the wood was infused with is all over me. It's lovely wood though. Dark redwood. I'm going to make some lap joints in it, as I did with the partially planed redwood fencing that I used for the ceiling in the loft, and use it for the interior walls, between the studs, perhaps doing a light lime wash once installed.

My dad just came by and said it sounded like a lot of work.
Doesn't feel like that. Seems like since there's a clear path, it's well on it's way.

The option of doing plaster has been tantalizing since I began, but it's just not walking on it's own. Though I've done research, no option has seemed to line itself up. I do think it would be possible, but given the particular puzzle I've set up for myself, it's not a simple option. Perhaps I'll learn the skills another day and be able to apply them in another situation.

Anyhow, the potential of doing a commission for another small house has come up. Surprising, and worth considering...

It was another beautiful sunny day here. And the moon came into view as just a little orange sliver.

(Thanks to Greg's planer for all the hard work.)

After planing, I cut lap joints into the boards.

These two photos show an overview and detail of the interior walls I am considering plastering in some kind of way... though see many obstacles... seeing as how the only thing to attach to is rigid foam... pinning in an expanded metal lathe may be possible... could I pin it diagonally into the studs... I'm wondering...

This photo shows my 1/2" of wiggle room.... not much.

15 February 2010

More Along the East Wall

Some photos. From outside and in. These weeks it's been raining, or I've been working (on other things). Today was a nice long day in the sun. Getting that window insulated and flashed out. Remodeled the remodel. Pushed the window out a bit further. On the side: Helping the neighbor-kids use my scrap wood to design themselves a bike rack.

14 February 2010

Some Ceiling

The ceiling in the loft got mostly done today. A beautiful day.

Todavía Buscando...

Para un lugar para poner mi casita en Santa Rosa o Petaluma.

Alguien... ?

11 February 2010

A Place in Santa Rosa or Petaluma?

I'm still looking. Don't you know someone / someplace that I might be able to park? Just until May?

Still looking...