23 November 2009

Slow Going

I'm just not feeling like working with the rigid foam these days. I know I must to finish this house, but I'm stalling. Instead, I tinker away at things that are more inviting: interior finish work (a little shelf for spices near the oven/stove), laying out materials to envision the siding, usually things with wood.

I did finally draw up an electrical rough, with the idea of running conduit under the trailer and then up into the walls where desired. Though I'm not sure whether coming through the floor or drilling into and up through the sill plate would be preferable.

Suppose I still haven't finalized whether to vent the roof or not. I did get some big pieces of the rigid foam I'll be using for the ceiling glued together with some PL construction adhesive (since I will be sandwiching two pieces of 2 1/2" rigid foam, making 5" insulation in the ceiling). I laid them on top of each other and loaded up as much weight as I could find nearby to smush the pieces together.


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