29 September 2009

Headaches & Heartthrobs

Simply: HEADACHES (driving me nuts) & HEARTTHROBS (oh I do love)

Above: And that wasn't even my posting. That was a headache.

Above: Drawing in Boxes, Drawings of Rectangles (for the most part), Where is the Circle-Graph Paper? What would that look like?

20 September 2009

Jackpot Rigid Foam Insulation Bonzana

The fact is: LOOK!

From yet another northern California remodel gone... gone with tons of waste. Enter, some perplexed scavenger who doesn't even like the stuff, but now has a mountain to build her home with. Strange indeed. Thanks to the fellow in Sebastopol for posting this on Craigslist rather than putting it in the dump. And to my mom for letting me borrow her truck at 6:30am this morning to be the first to pick it up.

19 September 2009

Barn is Down, THE Trailer in Background

p.s. The doors in the truck are from an auspicious trip to the Petaluma regional dump and will be added to the materials Greg is collected for his small house on wheels.

06 September 2009

This Barn, Down

We're taking this barn down. The last two days in the sun and wind. The roof is all up and off, except the rafters and one side still with runners. Siding off from two sides, two to go. The nails are getting pulled out as we go, and soon the lumber will be ready for constructing my small house, and many of Greg's projects. Thanks to Sergio & Steve & Shanty for working alongside us in their free time.

It began like this:

Date: 2009-08-30, 11:20AM PDT

FREE OLD REDWOOD BARN. Come dismantle, take, and build your own ! 46'x20', board and baton 1"x10", collar 1"x6", tongue and groove 1"x3", 4"x4" and 2"x4" supports.

02 September 2009

Chop Saw / Miter Saw

Does anyone have one I can borrow for a few weeks?

I've spent the morning making new window frames, for double pane glass found at the dump, out of some of the smaller pieces of redwood decking pulled from the Santa Rosa bro who wanted more space in his backyard for his dog.

I can hear a neighbor sanding something. The person has been doing it all day so far. Power tools.


01 September 2009

Deposit Down, Thanks David (at Reed's Trailers)

The main news is that I went to Reed's Trailers and ordered the trailer that I will (as I see it at this point!) plan to build my house on.

I can't express enough how much I appreciate the advice of builders in this area who are sharing their knowledge from years of experience with me. My parents neighbor Eric, and Ken & Micah Sawyer have stood and provided invaluable feedback. BIG THANKS all around. I also am very grateful to meet Greg, another skilled builder, who is also building a house on a trailer. We're close on the map, so going over plans together is fruitful. I also want to mention here how lucky I've been to meet up with other small house builders: Dee Williams and KT Anderson in Portland showed me the latest on the office on a trailer they're building and were completely awesome people. Just great, open, the best kind of builders. I'd also like to thank Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed houses for looking over my plans and sharing his input. I'm so grateful for all the work he's done which has laid the track for others (like me, Greg, maybe you?) to come to a solution of sorts in regards to affordable housing. And every other conversation I have with anyone open to listening never fails to tip me in some sneaky way.

I ended up choosing to get the trailer with fenders, for weather protection when I'm on the road. I'll build around them. The tires are fine. 7-prong fine. Things seem fine and good. Can't quite swallow that after all my time considering and buying a used trailer I've decided to go with a new one. Nevertheless, that's the decision I've now decided upon. I must say the mark down in price for solid used trailers was surprisingly low in my experience over the last few months. So new ball bearings we go!

After putting a deposit on the trailer, I went over with another Greg to a redwood barn I saw posted on Craigslist freestuff. The landowner has had 25 people respond, but perhaps we made an impact on her (by the end of the conversation she was bringing up her role in the Vagina Monologues), in which case, I'll have a full few weeks dismantling this pretty big barn. Greg knows what he's doing, I don't. He's taken apart a whole barn on his own. Lots of redwood, beautiful old siding. We'll see if we "get the gig."

My parents return from their hike in Yosemite tonight. I plan on moving back in with them in the middle of September to focus on building this house. Still can't decide what to do for insulation, nothing sits quite right yet between the head and the heart.

Lots of research remains on off-grid systems.
I tested the oven/stove out tonight with propane. Tea will be made!

(another) New Trailer

As Eric knows, last night I sold the trailer I just bought (for the same price). Now I'm planning to buy a new one. And get the order in asap so I can get cracking. Here are the specs:
  • 7x16 Carhauler
  • 10000 lb A-frame 2 5/16" coupler
  • A-frame tongue
  • 2000 lb tongue jack (bolted on)
  • DOT approved safety chains w/hooks
  • DOT approved lighting system
  • 7-way RV plug with loom
  • Breakaway kit
  • 5"X3" angle frame
  • 6" high front bump bar
  • 4' angle ramps
  • Stake pockets
  • 83" wide inside deck
  • 2" treated wood flooring
  • 3500 lb easy-lube axles w/brake flange
  • 1 electric brake axle
  • 5 lug 15" wheels
  • 205/75 15" tires
  • 7000 GVW
  • 5600 lb payload
I will ask for it withOUT:
  • 6" high front bump bar
  • 4' angle ramps
  • Stake pockets
I'm also considering asking for it withOUT the fenders (since I can the wood framing will go around the wheels and I can line it with an aluminum flashing---although building over the fenders might be better?), and withOUT the treated wood deck since I'd rather use untreated wood, and each thing I leave off the list, the cheaper the price becomes.

Remaining questions:
  • Is a bolted (rather than welded) on jack ok?
  • "7-way RV plug with loom" Is this the round plug that links the truck's electric with the trailers?
  • "3500 lb easy-lube axles w/brake flange" Good?
  • "5 lug 15" wheels" Good? What ply are these?
  • "205/75 15" tires" Good? Sufficient max load?

Just an update.