11 November 2009


Today the framing on the trailer, that looks suspiciously like a house, hit the road! At first, anxiousness, and feelings of being out of control, reigned. But once down the driveway, realizing the solidity of the framing and seeing it handle motion flawlessly, I was able to ease up and enjoy the spectacle.

We drove up the hill where there lay a pressure washer.

That cleaned the chicken coop right out. Then we drove down, over, and up the hill to the dump, where we weighed in on the truck scale.

Bare trailer began at: 1400 lbs
Today with the framing: 2320 lbs
Making the added framing: 920 lbs

(My estimate for the framing weight was 1000 lbs, based on the fact that 1' of the lumber I'm framing with weighs about 1.5 lbs. There's a bit more framing to do: the window box and the loft side of the roof, which will open)