30 May 2010

Welding Continues

The rented welder. This one a Lincoln only 110V, worked well.

More than one bolt holding on the boards on this car hauler. A two person job getting them off. One person holding on top, another from below.

Finishing up.

Rolling out with an ingenious system.
(Remember, my house is blocking the driveway now, so no truck has access here anymore,
until I move further out the driveway at least.)

And there she blows!

Outriggers attached. Real purdy.

26 May 2010

Welding the New Trailer

Great thanks to Janelle with the new welding machine, a Millermatic 211, with 110/220 volt switchable MIG welder. We didn't have any 220 outlets so Amy rigged up a direct line to the utility box in the garage. We used fluxcore wire rather than gas. Things were great until the new machine blew a chunk when it really shouldn't have if it had been ready for work. This brought a slight stall and quite a bit of learning more about all the mechanisms that make MIG welding possible (in that learn-when-it-breaks kind of way). So Janelle's machine went to the shop for a new PC board, and we kept crackling like sizzling bacon with a rented welder in order to, you know, forge ahead. Nice days, three women, meshing metal.

Then rolling her out to the building site. Ready for round two.

One of Two

The view from the family kitchen has, changed.

Still got the sink to do.
Now my priority is the new house.
I will have to carve out some time to finish my house,
which may be being remodeled for decades to come, let's face it.

Room for the second.

Beautiful Baby Rita Visits!

25 May 2010

The Move

Things moved close to the ground so they don't fall around.

Smooth pulling out.

Amy in red.

Truck paused with house; next trailer's turn to back in.

New trailer getting backed in to place for welding and building to come.

I stood inside my house at the beginning of the move. It was incredibly quiet and still. I had visions of creaking and things falling all over the place. There was very little swinging, and the books I left on the shelves were fine. Tomorrow Amy and I will begin welding on the new trailer with Janelle. Thanks to Greg and Amy for their doing the whole trailer in reverse business.

DMV & Metal for New Trailer

Waiting at the DMV to register the new trailer. Locked doors. Long lines.
A new ring for the new project.

Success. Suppose I'm Jenning.

Big thanks to Michael at Kauth Bros. in Santa Rosa for his friendliness and allowing us access to the scrap pile for finding the 4" channel iron Amy and I will use for our trailer.

It looks like this. Purchased used via Craigslist from Mr. James Brown.
Yesterday before the move.

24 May 2010

Before the Move

Tomorrow I will be moving my house.
Just about 10' further down the driveway.
It will need to go all the way out the driveway so the new trailer can get backed in, and then the house will get backed in behind it.

My house has been here since mid-September.

15 May 2010


Worked on the deck today. Then jumped in the river when it was hot time.

I ended up creating a satisfying stripe with a variation of scraps from the interior fir flooring (originally from Trulious whom I met via free stuff on Craigslist) and old chicken coop fir flooring (from the lovely barn taken down at the beginning of this project).

Now I just need to complete the steps going up to the little landing, all of which I will be able to pull inside when on the road.

I'm also getting the front porch awning together, slowly.

Pictures soon.

14 May 2010

Bicyclists Passing Through

Heather, Edward, and Joseph are on their way to the east coast on their bicycles. Lovely to be a stop along the way. May the wind be at your backs!

12 May 2010


The Imaginists Theatre Collective presents
The Imaginists Teen Ensemble in

poster by Alejandro Salazar

May 13|14|15|16 21|22
All shows at 7 p.m. except Sunday at 2 p.m.

The West County High Extreme Golf Team has made it into the big State Tournament! Will team captain, Chelsea Manners, lead her team to victory? Or will she throw it all away and dump her Wild Ass teammates for her new crush Adam Nest, a boy who doesn’t know the first thing about extreme golf or high school. Chelsea has come face to face with one of the most difficult decisions of her life; which lunch table is she going to sit at today?

May 13th is Pay What You Can Night!

Advance tickets for this show is strongly recommended

Tickets at the Door
$7 - Students & Seniors (62+)
$12 - Adults

Seating is limited, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to show time.

08 May 2010

The Container Has a New Home

I hear the move went well, and the windows didn't need to be removed. Interesting huh?

07 May 2010

Outdoor lights

Cleaning out the Garage!

Getting ready to move the trailer home!

. . . still a few more months here. In early July I'll be moving a little south of here.

05 May 2010


I have a set of keys I found in my house and incredibly I can't figure out who they belong to!

Have you visited me and are missing your keys? Contact me and describe what they look like to reclaim.

I also have a red knit scarf someone left here, who do you belong to?

03 May 2010

Looking Like This These Days

Plus I have the luxury of having a guest room for friends!
(That's what the loft has grown into these days.)

01 May 2010

Los Imaginistas

Come see the puppets at the May Day Parade in Santa Rosa! Today!

!Ven a ver los titeres en el desfile por Dia de Mayo en Santa Rosa! Hoy!