29 March 2010

Kids in the Loft, Lights that Turn On

Getting a few things taken care of. Thanks to neighbor to the west, Eric, for helping me put the final connections in place for the electric.

Thanks to neighbors to the east, Jamie, Joselyn, and Anthony, for coming by with their curiosity and for frequently asking, "Are you going to finish today?"

Nice sleepovers with friends. Comfortable to be in, just need to get to that trim if it's going to be gotten to. Already slipping into living-in, makes sight of the to-do-list a little murky.

(pictures once I find the camera cable again)

19 March 2010

Update on Tiny House Blog

Dear Readers,

Kent has posted an update on this building project on his website. You can see it by clicking HERE.

And check Kent's site often, as he posts tons of things worth considering.

10 March 2010

That would explain the nausea.

I'm doing a little research on Copper sulfate, which I think is what the exterior boards on my house are inundated with. The same boards I planed down to use for the interior. This wasn't a great option by way of low-toxicity. On the other hand, it was free. ...funny how that works. Anyhow, more on that later. For now, I want to note some of my findings from Wikipedia.

Mainly, I leared that copper sulfate is an emetic, a vomit inducer. "An emetic is used medically where a substance has been ingested and must be expelled from the body immediately (for this reason, many toxic and easily digestible products such as rat poison contain an emetic). Inducing vomiting can remove the substance before it is absorbed into the body. Ipecac abuse can cause detrimental health effects.

"Salt water and mustard water have been used since ancient times as emetics.[4] Care must be taken with salt, as excessive intake can potentially be harmful.[5][6]

"Copper sulfate was also used in the past as an emetic.[7][8] It is now considered too toxic for this use.[9]"

Furthermore, and noteable since I just had a little bout of pink eye, "Eye contact with copper sulfate can cause conjunctivitis."

After reading the following, I can say: luckily, I still need to urinate often. "After 1-12 grams of copper sulfate are swallowed, such poisoning signs may occur as a metallic taste in the mouth, burning pain in the chest, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, discontinued urination, which leads to yellowing of the skin. In case of copper sulfate poisoning, injury to the brain, stomach, liver, kidneys may also occur."

This makes me very interested in finding a local science student/person who would be interested in taking a little sample of my wood's green dust to determine what it is. Or if someone recoginizes it and knows some context, please leave a comment.

This also makes me realize the care I must take so this material isn't able to reach food sources etc. and even further skin contact.

06 March 2010

Moving Furniture etc.

Arranging, re-arranging.
Where to put the oven?
The sink?

I had it all planned out. Now I'm feeling it out to find what's what.

Ashley and mom so nice as we re-arrange, and talk about how the sink will get watered.
Some stacking of blocks above legs on top of propane tanks to play pretend.
I've been gifted with some furniture from childhood times.
Camphor chest & oak organizer, now the postcard HQ.

etc. includes "finishing up" with the interior walls,

and cooking with friends,

of time alone.

03 March 2010

Back to Puppets and People

Remember GOYA


I have a posting on Craigslist now, giving away some of the building materials that I need to clear out of my family's garage. If you're looking for anything in particular, I might have it for you.

A guy's coming by tomorrow, so you gotta act fast if you're interested.

...though I think it'll be a week or so process to sort everything through the "filter" . . . seeing as how some of it I'll want to keep for future projects and for finishing up the doors, trim, etc.

It's funny, everyone's jumping on the futon cover.

Waking Up

So nice looking around.

02 March 2010

All Day Interior Walls

Some real progress.