24 November 2009

Alotta Progress!

Roof insulation, IN.
Ice & Storm, or Ice & Water, or whatever they call it, IN.
Corrugated galvanized steel roofing, slid of the roof, hit the ground, hoisted back up, now it's ON.

So that's the long side of the roof. The short side still needs the mechanism so it can be lifted up in it's entirety from the inside. But I went ahead and built the roof without venting. Perhaps I'll kick myself about this in the future... I'll report back.

Short/Loft-side of roof: Incomplete, yes.

Big thanks to Ben for helping me flush up that rigid in the roof! It was a two person gig, hitting the rigid up, tapping it back down, patting and batting.

So next up is to figure the side details (small overhang on the long sides or no? flashing how?) and then screw the roof in on the long side. Then, or before, sand down, wax job, and nail up the oak flooring I will be using for ceiling.

The big question mark on the horizon now is what to use for siding. I have some corrugated aluminum and old redwood fencing I partially planed that I would like to use. I don't have enough though. I've spread the materials around the trailer to get a sense of how far I could stretch it... Thinking about more corrugated metal perhaps with wood trim and details.

Local with an abundance of materials? Let me know!

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