03 November 2009

Sometimes Slow

Not much of any progress today. Many braces to put in. It's hard to imagine my timeline, especially when my body's energy is low. Will I be finished by the end of tax season? Finished enough for someone else to move in?

Tonight I've gone through and tried to articulate the priorities. Here they are in a few chunks.

  • Diagonal bracing
  • Horizontal blocking
  • Interior framing
  • Extract rusty nails
  • Hose down
Put rigid foam insulation in walls (do before housewrap where bracing is on interior walls)
Housewrap (before or after welding on corner pieces?)
  • Drill vent holes in rafters
  • Metal diagonals on long side of roof, wrapping down to rafters
  • (Put rigid foam insulation up into spaces between rafters, put temporary ceiling piece to hold it up--before roof goes on?)
  • Cut rafters to length
  • Tar paper
  • Flashing?
  • Corrugated roof on

  • Decide structure for opening roof
  • Build interior box frame
  • Drill vent holes
  • Metal diagonals on short side/interior box
  • Attach hinges
  • Tar paper
  • Corrugated roof on

  • Grind down 2" x 2" angle iron
  • (get 1 gallon Rustoleum)
  • Weld to sufficient lengths
  • Paint each length and remaining ribs
  • Weld corners in place
  • Bolt to wood corners
  • Weld cross-members (need to get, 2 pieces @ 8')

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  1. Hoping for the best, but anticipating a damp winter. Squirrel twirl that sharkskin!