30 April 2010

More on the Shipping Container

Cut the butcher block and dropped in the sink.

Drilled holes in the ceiling for loop hitches and child's loft.

28 April 2010



Animation of This Trailer House

Please remind me when I've forgotten or gotten to busy
that I've been taking single-frame animations of this house as I have been building it.

It will be so nice once I edit it...
no video editing in the near future, but one day...

Any video editors want to volunteer? Though the house isn't quite finished, I have the in-process files ready...

Kitchen Things

Got the propane tank outside.
Some flashing needed still, but since it's under the pushed out kitchen window, it has some protection.

Working out the kitchen counter and sink. What materials do I have? How do I want it?

Shipping container again tomorrow.

Silly Labels

I thought would be useful.

Enjoyable Evenings

The light is lasting longer. At 7:30pm sun still beams through the front doors, which are currently west facing.

10:02 pm April 27

10:30 am April 28

27 April 2010

Shipping Container Construction Update

Some photos of the project, I could and will sometime say more about the wall construction system I came to terms with. The dew point is a major factor. Figuring out where the moisture will be and how to deal with it...

23 April

27 April

26 April 2010

Little Fridge

Do I want you? I don't know. But here you are and I have put fresh eggs into you. I keep unplugging you though, just as you get huffing. We'll see...


Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra / Strangers In Their Own Land

Ven / Come

Compartir / Share
HOY, Abril 26, 2010 @ 7 p.m.
TODAY, April 26, 2010 @ 7 p.m.
Newman Auditorium, Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Junior College Campus
A FREE Event!

25 April 2010

Los Titeres, The Puppets

Hoy los titeres seria afuera...
Primero en la iglesia St. Rose en Santa Rosa para un festival por Dia de los Ninos a las 1:30.
Segundo en el Roseland Elementary para un gran celebration por Dia de la Tierra a las 3:30.
Vamos a leer poemas de Lorca, para ninos, y para todo.

Today the puppets will be outside...
First at St. Rose church in Santa Rosa for a Children's Day festival around 1:30.
Second at Roseland Elementary for a big celebration for Earthday around 3:30.
We are going to read poems by Lorca, for children, and for everyone.


The Puppet Suitcase Gets ACtion

BILINGUAL SHOW in Santa Rosa: Monday, April 26 @ 7 pm UN SHOW BILINGUE en Santa Rosa: Lunes el 26 de Abril a las 7 por la noche

The Imaginists Theatre Collective
Voted Best Theatre Troupe in Sonoma County 2010 in the North Bay Bohemian's Best of Reader's Poll
Presents an Encore Performance, One Night Only

Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra/Strangers in Their Own Land
Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 7 p.m.
Newman Auditorium, Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Junior College Campus
A FREE Event!

Poster by Alejandro Salazar
Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra/Strangers In Their Own Land is a collection of life stories, history, and timeless fables woven together to reveal the human element in today's immigration issues. Provocative and intriguing, this play raises questions about the meanings of boundaries, countries, and kindness. A post-show discussion with members of the cast, many of whom are affiliated with the Centro Laboral de Graton/Graton Day Labor Center, invites the audience to have a dialogue based on the issues raised by the play.

Los Imaginistas Teatro Collectivo En colaboracion con el Centro Laboral de Graton Presenta :

Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra / Strangers In Their Own Land

En Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra / Strangers In Their Own Land, un grupo de gente en el desierto fronterizo confluyen en el tiempo pasado y presente a travéz de un pasaje magico y una sala de la corte se satura con la imagen el Rio Bravo, las familias están desgarradas y los inmigrantes son secuestrados por bandidos y por la misma ley. Extranjeros En Su Propia Tierra / Strangers In Their Own Land es una collección de relatos, historia y fábulas sin tiempo, entrelazados para revelar el elemento humano dentro de los temas de inmigración hoy en día. Esta colaboración comunitaria, con el Centro Laboral de Graton, fue creada por los actores que la representan. Provocativa y misteriosa, esta obra hace refleccionar sobre el significado de las fronteras, de los países y de la bondad. En Español y Inglés. !GRATIS!

Arts District Neg New 2 BestOf2010Color

Photos from practice:

18 April 2010

Actually, Work Happening Downstairs

I find myself working downstairs. Moving around the chopping block table and pushing the bench / chest to the side for puppet making. I quite like having a fluid space downstairs that can transform to fit my needs. My art making materials are still up in the loft. But I now plan on having that be a second bed region, and keeping my art stuff in the 3' storage area under my bed, where I can easily pull it out, work and make a mess, and then retract everything into order. It's so nice to have a second bed ready for friends and passersby. The luxury of a guest bed, even in a 6' 10" wide by 16' long trailer.

16 April 2010


If I were to put my house up for rent to the highest local bidder, would you be interested?
Have you thought about living in a small house, but want to test it out?

My home will be available for rent September 2010 - May 2011.

Email me:
jenine.alexander at gmail dot com

15 April 2010


Goodbye bras of Sears, dear friends.

Heads UP

The puppets will be packing come fall . . .

Shipping Container Construction

AKA inter-modal steel building units (ISBUs)

Spent the day doing this for a friend. Will spend the next two weeks in the effort to turn the shipping container into a livable space for her and her daughter. Perhaps I'll post some photos as the project develops.

In the meantime, my house houses me, though not completely finished.

13 April 2010

Grilling and Grilling

I'm Sort of Like My Mom

(Not that that's a new revelation.) I like to start the day with order in the house. This is one reason I feel comfortable in a smaller home. When I have a lot of space I'm personally responsible for, the result is often less than pleasing.

12 April 2010

Puppets Moving In in the Morning

A day of things sculptural, falling out of boxes. The bed in the loft got put on top the bed where I had thought I would put my studio. After living in the house though, I realize how much I like having the bed in the main living space so it can serve as a large couch at all times I'm not sleeping in it. I also know my workspace / puppet world would overtake my tidy living space in an instant (as it did today), and so, I am going to experiment this week with having the loft as my workspace. Since I tend to work on the ground, this may work fine. Additionally, as long as the weather is nice, I will be able to open the roof to the sky, with no limitations on standing upright.

08 April 2010

Warm Milk at Night

Just need the goat.

Got the sewing station rearing.

03 April 2010

So Nice Nights

[Featured above: Lume making fresh lemonade/lemon water]

Friends for dinner. It's the best feeling to hear someone in my house ask someone else to pass them a fork, and then have that other person easily pass the fork along. Smells of food sure beat sawdust.
A friend is about to begin construction on a shipping crate.

I'll stop posting at some point soon, when it begins to just become my life in this house, rather than the building of this house. I realize there is no real clear line. I can see though, rather soon this blog will return to the FORGE AHEAD PUPPET PRODUCTIONS, as it began. Or perhaps I'll need to reorganize blogs, creating one portal leading to various productions of the forge-ahead nature.

01 April 2010

And my parents

A sleepover! (Currently two beds set up to meet demand.)

And Shanty

Helping out & helping out.
Notice the surger / overlock / sewing machine got some play time today!