16 November 2009

So much!

With forecast saying rain Tuesday, it's been a push. Mom, Dad, Greg, & I have been persistently working on what needs to get done: insulation in (mostly me), insulation patched (mostly Dad and Mom), insulation pieces picked up from ground (tireless, ever-loving, amazing Mom), housewrap on (mostly Greg). We got halfway around the house with Tyvek (Tyvek...). The $2 roll I found at ReStore in Santa Rosa covered the north wall (with the door). Then I decided to purchase a new roll, which I didn't want to do, but figured made the most sense considering the critical point I was at given the weather forecast.

As the sky darkened, Greg & I hoisted up the metal roofing, and put tarps over the two walls left unwrapped. Lastly, we finagled those two 3'6" x 9' refrigerator walls in through the front doors and down as the floor (hopefully for the last time).

Sitting in the space is a completely different experience now that you can't see through the walls. I haven't realized that yet though. It's like I'm stuck being able to see through the walls. I must say too, I sure liked that house without walls. It's so nice to climb though the studs. But ho! It's getting cold outside! And I'm ready to move in. Lots more to do before that though...

I still haven't decided about that roof.

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