31 July 2010

Inside Work

Amy and I have been putting in long hours, thus the slow-down in posts.

After finished the exterior, we moved onto electrical, plumbing, denim/cotton insulation, and interior vapor barrier. Today we are getting in the interior walls, and it's looking great!

Photos soon.

27 July 2010

Roofing & Fender Framing

Working with Hydro-Stop on the roof.
Got the framing all cut and painted for the fenders. Ready to install and move onto electrical etc.

26 July 2010


4pm till Dark

Healdsburg, CA

22 July 2010

Another Bay Window Side Day

Amy on the roof checking out how our drip edge will look.

And at the end of the day, some results. But still not quite done...

21 July 2010

Bay Window

Today we will finish up the trim, flashing, and exterior siding on the hitch side of the trailer...

So we didn't get as far along as we had projected. The bay window is a doozy. But it's coming along and super solid.

20 July 2010

Trim & Inside Layout

As we finish the exterior, we mark our rough layout for the interior.

Painting trim.

Bay Window, Bay Window, Trim, Trim

Many things to bang your head against, in the end, we will win.

19 July 2010

Front Door




Also important in certain spots.

Metal Cutting

Day after day.

We sufficiently wore down our grinder blade on the skill saw (below).

So we got a new one, and a bigger one to use on the table saw.

Talking with Kent

We're so lucky to have the Tiny House Blog maker in our hometown. Go Kent!

Tiny House Design

Things are going great and looking great. This is one beautiful trailer home! For sale, ready in August 2010.

Jay Shafer is getting the news out on the tiny house movement. Great news!

18 July 2010

Night Time in Trailer #1

Last night I took some photos of my home to show you all.

My desk: I used to always work on the floor with my supplies spread around me. After time sitting on the stoop above the wheels and fender, relaxing by dangling legs out the double doors, it's natural for me to set up a "desk" for myself on the floor using the threshold to the door as a raised level. On the far right you can see my toilet.

My guest room: the loft!

My kitchen: on the far left you can see my bathroom (a chamber pot), just above that you can see the ladder that goes up to the loft. The oven works like a horse. The oak cabinet will not live there, where it is now, between the oven and sink, but for now it isn't tripping, and fits with all my postcard making, letter stencils and stamps, and wood and lino cut supplies. Then on the far right, bulk foods.
My bedroom: layered fabric protects me from the sludge of the day.

*faircompanies Documentary

In the first week of July 2010, Kirsten and Nicolás of came by the building site and documented Amy and I as we worked on trailer #2. Later this summer their bilingual website will feature short documentaries on this project, in English and Spanish.

Faircompanies is a project of Faircompanies Barcelona, Spain, created and developed by Nicolás Boullosa. The website is the consequence of notes gathered during travels, valuable lectures and conversations; as well as the direct contribution of Kirsten Dirksen, co-founder of Faircompanies and director of its English version and multimedia content. They cover green products, ethical consumption, clean technologies, social responsibility, ethical investment, and related topics. Viewers are invited to participate and share formulas to improve the world right now, beyond the noise of demonstrations or the imposition of ideologies.

You can see photos taken during the shoot by clicking here. I've put a few below too.

Steady Days

Another long few days getting the exterior flashing and siding on with attention to every detail. Amy left this evening to pickup some bamboo flooring from someone on Craigslist who had 300 sqft of left overs. We'll only need 128 of it for the floor, but can use the rest for other interior trim and detailing.

Free Tumbleweed Popomo Plans (with book purchase)

Read more about it on the Tiny House Blog by clicking here. For people who want to build themselves a small mobile home, this is worth looking into.

For someone who doesn't want to build there own, but wants to buy a ready built unique trailer of their own... well... ours will be ready in August 2010.

15 July 2010

Visual Detail

Too Hot!

Come 2 in the afternoon working outside has got to come to a halt.

Amy's gone to Santa Rosa on a material run. I'm tending to priming and painting some trim, and looking on Craigslist for flooring materials. If we get lucky, I'll find something from someone in Santa Rosa that Amy can swing by and pick up on her way back to our building site.

14 July 2010

It's Getting Cuter Every Day

"Juicy Pear" is the name of the trim color.
Amy got the roof, while I got the trim. More photos soon.

12 July 2010

Making Moves

Interior ceiling: IN
Bay window: IN
Glass sliding door: IN

Much more work to do.
Photos soon.

10 July 2010

Water Purification

My uncle just sent the following link to note:

...regarding water purification systems for the small off-grid home.

Thanks Chuck/Eric!

Another Craigslist for Local Builders

Free wood (healdsburg / windsor)

Date: 2010-07-09, 7:31PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Free wood ,good for garden boxes or fire wood. Dry 2 are 14' lg. Come and get it! Located in Geyserville. 707-548-5070

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1834953903-0image 1834953903-1

09 July 2010

Milling some Pine

A long short day on the old table saw, milling lap joints into the 1x6 pine that will adorn the ceiling.

Dado blade going in the table saw.
Feather board to keep everything tight for clean cuts.
Old and malfunctioning table saw. Missing key, bad pulley tension. In this case, no pulley tension. Every time a tool breaks you get to learn more about it. If it feels like a pain, I try to remember to ask myself, What's the rush?
Between running the boards through and fiddling with the motor, this is about how the scene looked all day.
And by the end, a fat stack of pine with lap joints ready to install in the interior ceiling.

Craigslist find for locals...


Date: 2010-07-07, 4:19PM PDT
Reply to: see below

(2) sliding glass doors
(15) solid core doors w/ hardware & lock

Must go by tomorrow
Must have means of transport

All in good working condition

Doors could use a layer of paint
Sliding doors only have minor scuffs, glass is good

located at Public Storage
380 Merrydave Dr
San Rafael, CA

Please call Jake @ 415 250 3617
to arrange pick up time


  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1830987869-0image 1830987869-1

08 July 2010

Home Being Wrapped

Like Christo with a DuPont twist...

It's only 11am, I've come inside to charge the battery of my camera, and I'm already halfway done wrapping.

Doing the upper parts alone took a bit longer, but proved to be a worthwhile balancing and rafter-crawling act.
My feelings about Du Pont follow visually, alas...

07 July 2010

Second-Hand Pine Acquired!

The team had a day of planning & purchasing under the same bleeding moon. The sun was unbearable, even though it was barely hot, and so our minds went to work on the future of the home: it's looks, it's make-up of materials, it's opening statement, and it's finer details.

We've decided on a light pine ceiling, also to be used in the high loft and low loft floors. We'll install a chocolate colored masonite (tempered hardboard) for the interior walls, with the same light pine for all trim work. The pine was from a local lumber yard, Nu Forest Products--but once it got rained on, it was sold at low cost to Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, where we found it after it had been dried out with stickers. At 40 cents a linear foot for 1" x 6" boards, the price does add up, but it will be a beautiful and important detail in the home.

We've also figured out the details of the exterior flashing, and are ready to buy these 10' metal sticks for the job of keeping the home dry.

06 July 2010

More Windows, More Sheer via Plywood

And the front door. In!

We continue flashing, installing, admiring...
Either from the inside, or outside on chairs while looking at the calendar.