19 August 2010

Tiny House Trailer #2 Moved

The scene:

Happy new owner hugs the very good box.
Home in new location.
Getting it up the driveway was a little dicey.

A lovely event, moving Trailer #2 to it's new home, nestled in the Madrone and Oak trees in Sonoma County.

With that, the beginning of a new era for Forge Ahead Productions.

Stay tuned.



17 August 2010


One of a kind Mobile Home. 128 sqft. Passive solar design. 100% wood interior.
Bamboo flooring. Pine ceilings. Denim-cotton insulation. High energy efficiency doors and windows. Sleeping loft. Kitchenette. Granite countertops. Plumbed for bathroom option. Full trailer hook-ups.

Made by jenine & amy 

10 August 2010


Kent just did a post with photos of the interior on his Tiny House Blog. Click here to check it out. Thanks Kent!

09 August 2010


A big

To everyone who helped make yesterday's street show & tell come together.

Thanks to everyone who came from near & far. It was a treat for us to share our project with so many curious & wonderful people.

08 August 2010

07 August 2010

All Night!

Bless the deadline!

Wrapping Things Up

Amy completed the electrical finale, sink plumbing as well.

We just picked up last pieces of trim and we prepare for the afternoon and long evening of work with a late lunch.

06 August 2010


It's getting so beautiful. Amy & I are working our asses off. Come this Sunday to see: * Street, between * and * Streets. Near downtown Healdsburg. The two trailers will be out on show for all to come enjoy in whatever way. 4pm until dark. Bring a friend. Bring some beers. Bring whatever. We'll be here. Time willing, I'll make a big batch of mojitos.

Today we did so much it's hard to recall. Wainscoting, trim, counter support, marble install, sink dropping in, touch up work... And Greg with Kublai, bless the man and the dog, brought over a 3 foot magnet on a roller like a push broom so we can get all the metal debris out of the driveway to spare the tires before Sunday's rollout. He also busted in the door handle hardware and ladder, as we push to have everything ready and pristine for Sunday.

Deadlines can be great.

Friday Morning

I can't believe how tardy I am with uploading photos! And now still, I don't have the time. The floor is in, wainscoting begun, & now for the trim monster. The marble sink hole cut this morning, installing this evening?

Getting ready for show down this Sunday.
You're invited!
4pm - dark

03 August 2010

Interior Walls

It's feeling more and more like a livable space every day. Yesterday Amy finished the masonite interior while I did the interior bay window ceiling. Then we joined forces to get the beginning of the loft framed along with the wet bath / closet. We brought in one bank of the marble counter top--both of us were a bit taken aback--it looked stunning.

Today we plan on finishing the wet bath / closet (we like to call it the wet closet) framing and walls, the loft framing and floor, and then, time willing, begin on installing the bamboo flooring.

Next up: wainscoting.

Near Downtown Healdsburg