04 December 2009

Got sick of looking at it...

How did my house become an advertisement for Du Pont? What have I created?! Much to learn...

Yesterday I did a series of material collections. Big thanks to the Burg's for the bender board I will use as exterior siding and extra butcher block pieces. Big thanks to the Maach-Rambos for the extra fridge wall rigid foam insulation piece I will add to finish my floor insulation. Big thanks to Todd Barricklow for the old-ish model on-demand propane water heater I will experiment with in the coming weeks. And big thanks to the guy from Craigslist who called saying he had a space he rented in Sonoma with some old fence wood he used to use to make picture frames with but will no longer and so has redwood to pass on.

So I really am sick of seeing my house in such a Tyvek state, and though it's been a puzzle to figure out how I want to do the exterior siding (due to a combination of limited blocking and limited materials), I began putting siding up this afternoon. It went quickly and I nearly finished the rear side (west wall) with no windows or doors. The other sides will be more demanding, cutting pieces to butt up into the fenders and windows and doors and all. And I still need to put the Z bar flashing up above the windows and doors and decide how I want the window and door trim to look before hammering ahead. I also am considering future awnings and if I might come up with a system now to avoid modifications/remodels in the future.

Did some patching of the used corrugated aluminum I had, different materials, but just like patching a bike innertube...

Cracking on something somesiding

It's a funny thing working with salvaged materials sometimes. At this point, I'm not sure my visual critic is even on the board anymore. I'm just trying to meet each need with what I have available.

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