15 December 2009

Another Siding Day and . . .

Photo shows the southern wall I worked on today.

Also, it's seeming like I have found a place to move, and I may move as early as January. This gave me new energy to get-out-there and move ahead with the trim, flashing, and siding.

I have great appreciation for the people condensed in Copenhagen who are boldly stating the reality of the climate crisis and that western lifestyles cannot go on as before. There is undoubtedly a global movement, and if your news source isn't covering it, look wider. There is so much to learn.

Looking around I often think about how destructive the status quo in this land is, and wonder what impact I can have on encouraging myself and others to have less of an impact.

The Maldives and so many other islands will be submerged by rising ocean waters. Are the actions you take to minimize your impact radical enough? How destructive is the status quo to which you compare your actions?

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