02 December 2009

A Day to Study Taxes

Sorry, but I can't help but post this paragraph:

Puerto Rico has authority over its internal affairs. United States controls:

interstate trade, foreign relations and commerce, customs administration,

control of air, land and sea, immigration and emigration, nationality and

citizenship, currency, maritime laws, military service, military bases, army,

navy and air force, declaration of war, constitutionality of laws, jurisdictions

and legal procedures, treaties, radio and television--communications,

agriculture, mining and minerals, highways, postal system; Social Security,

and other areas generally controlled by the federal government in the

United States. (

What a world.

1 comment:

  1. Well, Puerto Rico is part of the Unites States and as a territory that wishes to stay that way this is what is offered to them. It doesn't mention that Puerto Rico pays little to no taxes, however they are offered all of the social services offered in the states. Oh and unemployment there is 16.9%, they have often been referred to as "welfare island." As a Puerto Rican that has seen the culture from the island completely dissipate, I think it's safe to say that for the most part they're pretty content with the way things are run. Just a little info on PR.

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