13 December 2009


Inspect & Clean

Prepare by Sweeping

Cut & Install (workshop level, storage underneath)

Cut & Install (upper level, loft space)

Sit & Look Around

Nothing's nailed in yet, but this salvaged wood is in great shape, by my standards. Old fir. I was happy how smoothly it went in. It has it's share of dents, but I'll sure I'll add a few of my own in no time. It was uninstalled so carefully by Trulious, who posted some free 4"x6" lumber on Craigslist, and then offered this as well once I was at his home. Much thanks to Ken Sawyer for storing it at his home until yesterday. And I apologize to my neighbors for using a power tool on Sunday, I tried to keep it minimal, I couldn't resist.

1 comment:

  1. MY GOODNESS jenine! it's BEAUTIFUL. you should be très fier.