16 February 2010


Planed down a heap of the bender board that I used for the exterior of the house. Even though I wore coveralls over my work clothes, that light green powder that the wood was infused with is all over me. It's lovely wood though. Dark redwood. I'm going to make some lap joints in it, as I did with the partially planed redwood fencing that I used for the ceiling in the loft, and use it for the interior walls, between the studs, perhaps doing a light lime wash once installed.

My dad just came by and said it sounded like a lot of work.
Doesn't feel like that. Seems like since there's a clear path, it's well on it's way.

The option of doing plaster has been tantalizing since I began, but it's just not walking on it's own. Though I've done research, no option has seemed to line itself up. I do think it would be possible, but given the particular puzzle I've set up for myself, it's not a simple option. Perhaps I'll learn the skills another day and be able to apply them in another situation.

Anyhow, the potential of doing a commission for another small house has come up. Surprising, and worth considering...

It was another beautiful sunny day here. And the moon came into view as just a little orange sliver.

(Thanks to Greg's planer for all the hard work.)

After planing, I cut lap joints into the boards.

These two photos show an overview and detail of the interior walls I am considering plastering in some kind of way... though see many obstacles... seeing as how the only thing to attach to is rigid foam... pinning in an expanded metal lathe may be possible... could I pin it diagonally into the studs... I'm wondering...

This photo shows my 1/2" of wiggle room.... not much.

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