18 February 2010

Buen dia

All day doing precision cutting for the interior wood walls in the loft. PHewph. Long day. Not sure I want to do this through the house, and am considering some kind of plaster still. Had a nice talk with a plasterer. Doesn't seem like plastering is such a good option...

Gracias a Armando para me ayudando con la electricidad hoy conmigo. Pronto habrá luz... en la noche. Y máquinas de coser...
Thanks to Armando for checking the electric lines with me today. Soon there'll be light... at night. And sewing machines...

This photo shows how I have begun setting in the thin wood in the spaces between the studs. Since I still need to put in a nailer, I have yet to attach the pieces, but at least now they're cut to fit. Once I get the nailers in that'll make the process much quicker.

Here you can see how I've set pieces to the left of each space. These propped up pieces will need special cuts to fit the exact space. More fun... ahead.

Again, none of these are installed yet. I still need to put nailers in. But this give an idea of what's done so far.

Overall, something like this:


  1. just beautiful, have you calculated how big of a balloon you would need to lift this thing off the ground? we miss you!

  2. i figure with 11 young girls strapped up on the roof with their 22 thin braids, each with a full balloon attached at each end, i should make it to your place in time for supper.