01 September 2009

(another) New Trailer

As Eric knows, last night I sold the trailer I just bought (for the same price). Now I'm planning to buy a new one. And get the order in asap so I can get cracking. Here are the specs:
  • 7x16 Carhauler
  • 10000 lb A-frame 2 5/16" coupler
  • A-frame tongue
  • 2000 lb tongue jack (bolted on)
  • DOT approved safety chains w/hooks
  • DOT approved lighting system
  • 7-way RV plug with loom
  • Breakaway kit
  • 5"X3" angle frame
  • 6" high front bump bar
  • 4' angle ramps
  • Stake pockets
  • 83" wide inside deck
  • 2" treated wood flooring
  • 3500 lb easy-lube axles w/brake flange
  • 1 electric brake axle
  • 5 lug 15" wheels
  • 205/75 15" tires
  • 7000 GVW
  • 5600 lb payload
I will ask for it withOUT:
  • 6" high front bump bar
  • 4' angle ramps
  • Stake pockets
I'm also considering asking for it withOUT the fenders (since I can the wood framing will go around the wheels and I can line it with an aluminum flashing---although building over the fenders might be better?), and withOUT the treated wood deck since I'd rather use untreated wood, and each thing I leave off the list, the cheaper the price becomes.

Remaining questions:
  • Is a bolted (rather than welded) on jack ok?
  • "7-way RV plug with loom" Is this the round plug that links the truck's electric with the trailers?
  • "3500 lb easy-lube axles w/brake flange" Good?
  • "5 lug 15" wheels" Good? What ply are these?
  • "205/75 15" tires" Good? Sufficient max load?

Just an update.

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