31 August 2009

Iron Panther

wow, I can't quite believe it:
I don't know if that has any connection to the Iron Panther I will mention...

Tonight I sold the trailer I bought for the same amount, though I'm keeping few items from Mr. G. Erausquin, such as two propane tanks. Yes, a fast turn-around, you better believe it!

These are big decisions, and I don't expect myself to have everything all down pat. Moving forward, making decisions as best I can as they come up.

Tomorrow I will go purchase a brand new one, the brand: iron panther. This guy makes a great trailer for a great price, and what with all the work I'd have to do on the other (replacing brake line, perhaps switching hitch out, getting all the rust off, repainting, perhaps getting new tires I realized after the purchase due to max load specifications), I've decided the costs come out even, and this way I'll have new ball bearings and axles.

So that's the update for today.

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