06 September 2009

This Barn, Down

We're taking this barn down. The last two days in the sun and wind. The roof is all up and off, except the rafters and one side still with runners. Siding off from two sides, two to go. The nails are getting pulled out as we go, and soon the lumber will be ready for constructing my small house, and many of Greg's projects. Thanks to Sergio & Steve & Shanty for working alongside us in their free time.

It began like this:

Date: 2009-08-30, 11:20AM PDT

FREE OLD REDWOOD BARN. Come dismantle, take, and build your own ! 46'x20', board and baton 1"x10", collar 1"x6", tongue and groove 1"x3", 4"x4" and 2"x4" supports.

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