17 August 2010


One of a kind Mobile Home. 128 sqft. Passive solar design. 100% wood interior.
Bamboo flooring. Pine ceilings. Denim-cotton insulation. High energy efficiency doors and windows. Sleeping loft. Kitchenette. Granite countertops. Plumbed for bathroom option. Full trailer hook-ups.

Made by jenine & amy 


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  3. Hi, Jenine:
    I saw your youtube on making this. You showed the roof opening and spoke about the challenges of making it water tight. I am thinking of doing the same with my roof, and was wondering what kind of waterproofing method you used for it in the end. So how did you finally make the roof opening weather tight?

  4. Great "Girl Power" site you have here. Im thinking about building a rolling tiny house for/with my daughter soon but im a little unsure about what weight load the trailer I should be looking for. Im thinking of a house of about 8' x 20' so im thinking there will be some weight there so if you have any pointers that would be great.

    Peace along the way
    Dennis the bus dweller N.Y.