06 August 2010


It's getting so beautiful. Amy & I are working our asses off. Come this Sunday to see: * Street, between * and * Streets. Near downtown Healdsburg. The two trailers will be out on show for all to come enjoy in whatever way. 4pm until dark. Bring a friend. Bring some beers. Bring whatever. We'll be here. Time willing, I'll make a big batch of mojitos.

Today we did so much it's hard to recall. Wainscoting, trim, counter support, marble install, sink dropping in, touch up work... And Greg with Kublai, bless the man and the dog, brought over a 3 foot magnet on a roller like a push broom so we can get all the metal debris out of the driveway to spare the tires before Sunday's rollout. He also busted in the door handle hardware and ladder, as we push to have everything ready and pristine for Sunday.

Deadlines can be great.

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