07 July 2010

Second-Hand Pine Acquired!

The team had a day of planning & purchasing under the same bleeding moon. The sun was unbearable, even though it was barely hot, and so our minds went to work on the future of the home: it's looks, it's make-up of materials, it's opening statement, and it's finer details.

We've decided on a light pine ceiling, also to be used in the high loft and low loft floors. We'll install a chocolate colored masonite (tempered hardboard) for the interior walls, with the same light pine for all trim work. The pine was from a local lumber yard, Nu Forest Products--but once it got rained on, it was sold at low cost to Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, where we found it after it had been dried out with stickers. At 40 cents a linear foot for 1" x 6" boards, the price does add up, but it will be a beautiful and important detail in the home.

We've also figured out the details of the exterior flashing, and are ready to buy these 10' metal sticks for the job of keeping the home dry.

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