06 March 2010

Moving Furniture etc.

Arranging, re-arranging.
Where to put the oven?
The sink?

I had it all planned out. Now I'm feeling it out to find what's what.

Ashley and mom so nice as we re-arrange, and talk about how the sink will get watered.
Some stacking of blocks above legs on top of propane tanks to play pretend.
I've been gifted with some furniture from childhood times.
Camphor chest & oak organizer, now the postcard HQ.

etc. includes "finishing up" with the interior walls,

and cooking with friends,

of time alone.


  1. You are making great progress with your dwelling. Looks pretty cozy too! I am looking for alternative living options as well. Your story is very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  2. I dont think my other post went through, as I said in it.
    I came to your site from tiny house blog.
    I like what you are doing. But, I was in the propane business for several years and the small tank that is right beside your stove CAN leak. With propane heavier than air a disaster could result. If possible a better way would be the tank out side plumbed to a solid line to the stove and perhaps hooked up with a quick connect to make changing and moving easier. Better Safe than Sorry.

  3. Thanks Leah.

    And yes, Anonymous, definately. I have been deciding where I want to put the oven/stove before drilling through the wall and having the tank permanently outside. Indeed!