20 October 2009

Work Day with dad & a TERMITE

He has incredible patience, and I bow to him: thanks for working with me today dad, for sticking those mortises in the top plate of the north wall. (The highlight of his day was uncovering his absolutely glorious-looking 1 7/8" chisel, sharp and shiny after all these years.)

The wood I have does not seem to be infested. Nevertheless, it came from an old chicken coop barn with a few small locations that had termite damage. Seeing one termite today was alarming. I killed it. I am wondering with what measures I should proceed. Please add suggestions as comments if anyone reading this has tips. I do not want to fumigate with a heavily toxic medley. The wood I am using seems to all be solid and good. But this one termite--what a little bugger! Are there more? Greg suggested I pressure wash the whole thing once I finish framing, let it all dry out, and then go ahead with siding and all. Any other suggestions?

A few photos from the day showing how it's coming along.

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