15 October 2009

Another Day

A bit more progress.

Really, just need to decide Decide how I want the wall in the kitchen to take form in order to form it. Did a lot of sitting on top of the ladder as the sun set, imagining that hitch-side wall.

Working on this project brings up some core issues: 1) trusting myself, 2) the gender spectrum, 3) my stubbornness, 4) the abundance in this country I have access to, my selfishness coupled with my desire to see my friends around the world unafflicted by the greed for natural resources by the richest in the world, 5) where do I fit in? / what do I want to do with my life [next]?

One place some of these issues collide is regarding the nastiness of some of the building materials I have scavenged (see entry ALL THE BAD CHOICES I'VE CHOSEN: Killing the Planet, Killing Myself: Why I'd rather
be building with straw and mud, period..). Though on the one hand I feel good about keeping them out of the dump, on the other hand I am (slightly) killing myself as I work with them and aware of how toxic some of the materials are to all the workers involved in the process of making whatever material I'm using.


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  1. holy crappers it's real !! So exciting to see photos. Keep up the beatdown!!
    xo nina