26 May 2010

Welding the New Trailer

Great thanks to Janelle with the new welding machine, a Millermatic 211, with 110/220 volt switchable MIG welder. We didn't have any 220 outlets so Amy rigged up a direct line to the utility box in the garage. We used fluxcore wire rather than gas. Things were great until the new machine blew a chunk when it really shouldn't have if it had been ready for work. This brought a slight stall and quite a bit of learning more about all the mechanisms that make MIG welding possible (in that learn-when-it-breaks kind of way). So Janelle's machine went to the shop for a new PC board, and we kept crackling like sizzling bacon with a rented welder in order to, you know, forge ahead. Nice days, three women, meshing metal.

Then rolling her out to the building site. Ready for round two.

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