27 June 2010

My House These Days

It's lovely to wake up in.

The work remaining to be completed consists of, but is not limited to:
  • building the chopping block into a table/island on wheels with a sliding shelf for compost and a lower shelf for mixing bowls
  • putting on the second and last gutter
  • doing the copper soldering on the sink plumbing
  • attaching faucet securely
  • finishing counter top behind and to the right of sink
  • making the coved trim pieces on the router table
  • installing trim where needed
  • building thin shelf for translucent dishes behind sink
  • rigging the mechanism for lifting the roof
  • finish screwing down the roof (should have been done already)
  • finish little chunk of exterior siding that I can't really reach right now (should have been done already)
  • put up last piece of metal corner trim
  • cut small upper metal pieces to finish all corner trim
  • make door! in kitchen area that will lead to outdoor bathroom
  • make door for storage area
So today is Sunday, our day of rest on trailer #2. I might get a few things crossed off this list, unless the river gets me first.

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