17 January 2010

All day in the rain

It was Sunday though, so I didn't use any power tools for the sake of the neighbors. I don't know if anyone reads these postings, so if so, the update is: it's raining for the next week and I'm not moving anywhere. That's the forecast.

Plans to move to Santa Rosa fell through, so I'm still on the lookout for somewhere in Santa Rosa with gardening space available and a place for this trailer house. Until then, it's the family driveway. Between the citrus and the figs, can't complain.

I spent the day completely organizing all the materials I have left and moving everything in the garage so my dad can park his car in the garage again, which he's been wanting. I've been lucky that my parents have let me use their driveway for building, and their garage for storing materials. The space has been invaluable.

The hinging roof above the loft is coming along, so my next main thing to figure is the interior walls. I'm interested in doing some kind of plaster or paper slurry. I've found one lead of a guy using plaster doing airstream remodels, link here. I wrote him an email tonight to see if he had any problems with cracking, or suggestions for application. Once that's in, there's nothing keeping me from moving in, again. I'll be able to install the shelving for food storage, put legs on the chopping block, do interior trim, and set up the sewing, drawing, etching, poster-puppet-making landing.

I don't know what I'll do after tax season.

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