22 July 2009

Forge Ahead Building Productions, for now


i haven't been talking about it much, but i'm embarking on building myself a small tiny house on wheels.

the materials i'm collecting are adding up to be tremendous weight; in possessions, i'm the heaviest i've ever been. my work has included scouring craigslist freestuff, that amazing unstopping list wows me daily. but things are not free, given the price of fuel, so i've combined trips to near by bay areas, doing clumps of retrieval errands at a time.

What I already found and picked up via Craigslist freestuff (listed BELOW).

skip the specifics, or enjoy them poetically. either way, i'm having such a good time! luckily, no one is stuck with me, because i've become a boiled egg for company. unless you're on the page of wanting to talk about building all the time, i probably make as good a company as a sack of potatoes. i seem to be running on endless energy, sleeping less the ever, waking up ready to go.

with gridded graph paper and a mechanical pencil my house plans are developing and redeveloping. the curved roof became a low pitched V-shape two days ago. the upstairs loft just became L-shaped. the kitchen already feels like one i could cook in. there's a 5'x5' place on the wall dedicated for working on drawings/paintings/animations. the washroom/bathtub has seen at least a dozen incarnations. and i suspect everything will change before it's final, if not totally, at least slightly.

thanks of the utmost to my parents, who are gracious enough to allow me to squat their driveway as i build this thing. "out by halloween" is the deadline, at which point i plan to be weatherproof, though of course not completely finished, and ready to pull over to some place with some land, where i won't be in anyone's way. on the contrary, i hope to find a nice mutually beneficial situation so that times i am not here others can make use of the space. i'm not looking to settle down in sonoma county at this point, in fact, i'm feeling ready to get out of the area shortly. nevertheless it is important to me to have some kind of home for myself here. this is a special place where i have many close relations. this way i can build myself a home, but have some flexibility in moving it to ANYWHERE in the greater north american continent if that ever seemed like a good idea. or sell it if things turned upsidedown.

i'm motivated to harness my energy and time creatively, something this project allows. it will be something that's mine, something affordable (getting around building codes and buying my own property), something ecological (reusing the plenty of materials available in northern california that might otherwise end up in the landfill), and a tool for activism in that i can teach others from what i learn along the way regarding building small with scavenged materials with energy efficiency at the top of the list.

on another note, the summer bicycle touring bilingual puppet show is underway in sonoma county. the Imaginists present, The Art is Medicine Show! !El Show el Arte es Medicina! check our website for dates and times if you're in the area! we're also working on another bilingual show that we will perform in september. this work has been meaningful and continues teaching me much.

also, the sewing machines continue their hum, stay tuned...

i miss my friends in far off places dearly.

back to sketching plans for floor joists.
photos to be posted sometime. soon?

if you're interested, the "tip of the iceberg" in terms of
the helpful people/websites/blogs on this matter:

p.s. for the locals only, i also have a WISHLIST ABOVE. i'm keeping my eye on craigslist freestuff, but if you have any of the following you'd like to get rid of, pass it on my way! thanks! (some of this i am planning on buying: the trailer, roofing, etc.) i'm also planning on making trips to various salvage yards around the area to find what i'm looking for at low cost.

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