06 June 2009


Dear Friends,

I'm writing now because there are three items I would like very much:

1) A Laptop (preferably mac)
2) A Digital Camera

Both of these can be old clunkers.
Perhaps you have just purchased a new computer or camera and have no use for your old one? Please let me know.

The work I am doing with The Imaginists for this summer's traveling bilingual puppet event The Art is Medicine Show / El Show el Arte es Medicina involves returning to the kind of charcoal animations I did many years ago. Though a very hands-on process, the completion and presentation of this work requires the aid of a digital camera (for capturing the drawings in the process of stop-motion animation), and a computer (for compiling the photos and creating the final edited piece in a video editing program).

I am also sewing costumes and underwear, if you have an unused serger/overlock sewing machine around your house, just being able to borrow it for a few months would be of great assistance for my projects. So the last thing I'm looking for is:
3) A serger / overlock sewing machine.

Can you help me forge ahead?!
Thanks for reading.

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