25 January 2009

Dedication, Commitment, Email Me

If you're also a puppeteer, I'm especially pleased to share with you the photos that follow. In creating a puppet suitcase sometimes one might feel silly, alone, lonely, or framed-as-aimless. It's ok, but... For these reasons, networking with other puppeteers is a lifeline. Bolstering our potential impact, let us unite with all while questioning, What do we have to give?

Onward musicians! bicyclists! activists! builders that demand sustainable building test sites! drawers! sewers! painters! print makers! mechanics! those who consider A Pattern Language! tree grafters! trailer remodelers! teachers! learners! non-consumers and makers of all sorts!

Gratefully yours,

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  1. Dear Jenine,

    When are you going on tour? Please do post your schedule.

    Your biggest fan,